Our Partners

Meet our partners on the ground in Haiti, Kenya and India.



We adopted our sons Matthew and Maki in Haiti 18 years ago. Ever since, we have journeyed back more than a dozen times—both to visit their birth family, and to help Reach out to Haiti with food, vehicles and homebuilding projects in Port au Prince.

We longed to bring others to Haiti for years, and finally brought our first team in July, 2017. The location that our hearts have landed on is La Croix, where we partner with The 410 Bridge. It is our hope that this partnership grows and continues, and we are able to bring many teams to this region to work alongside the people of La Croix in the areas of health, education, water, economic development and discipleship.



We first traveled to Kenya in 2006 with our friend Esther Hall—who became a full-time missionary in Kenya under Inspire 180—to visit the ministries where she’d made connections in and around Nairobi. Our hearts were drawn to several ministries in and around Nairobi, including Covenant Treasures School, Calvary School, HARC Ministry, Faraja Widows and Filimujuani.

We brought our first team of 19 in 2009, and it was during this trip that we witnessed the transformational nature of going, meeting, experiencing, and walking alongside our friends in Kenya. We continue to bring teams to Kenya with the help of our missionaries on the ground, Esther Hall and Joanie Woodall.



Ron Cargay (second from the right) is the founder of Four Corners Initiative (4CI). Ron is a pastor, teacher, songwriter, musician, visionary leader, and treasured friend. The core values of the 4CI ministry are mission training, creative arts training, the next generation, church planting, worship and holistic ministry.

Inspire 180 has partnered with Ron with several initiatives over the years—including seed money for small businesses, ministry needs, vehicles and buildings—and continues to look for new ways to grow in relationship with 4CI.


ESTHER HALL is a cross-cultural consultant, life coach and ministry trainer serving throughout East Africa for nearly 20 years. She consults, connects and coordinates cross-cultural partnerships and serving opportunities to advance the Kingdom of Christ, while spearheading events in children’s ministry, Kairos Mission Course, team serving projects, ESL, Muslim outreach and leadership development. Her lifelong pursuit is assisting the body of Christ to do the work of the ministry global.


Esther has joined Going Global Inc (GGI). If you would like to learn more on how to support Esther, please visit goingglobalinc.org for more information.

JOANIE WOODALL, a widow, has been serving on the mission field in Kenya since 2012, using her spiritual gift of mercy to conduct training seminars for a grief recovery program throughout Kenya. She has also led the program in the slums of Kibera, Kenya, and continues to meet with widows for weekly Bible studies. It is Joanie’s passion to see widows and their children leave poverty behind and reach their God-given potential through total transformation: social, physical and spiritual.


Joanie has returned home from the Mission Field. Inspire180 is no longer accepting donations on her behalf.