We lead journeys to work alongside developing communities, getting to know their cultures through relationships developed over years of communication and collaboration. These relationships lay the groundwork for channeling resources into real, lasting improvements that truly transform people’s lives.

When we began our journey into missions, we really had no idea what we were doing. We traveled to the developing world to do some physical labor ourselves, but much of our “work” was done from the comforts of suburbia.

The result, we were devastated to learn, was often wasteful—and sometimes even destructive to the communities we were trying to help.

We had to change our approach 180 degrees if we wanted to help communities experience a true turnaround. That’s the inspiration behind Inspire 180

“When you are dealing with people’s lives and people’s eternity, let’s do it God’s way. Take time, build a relationship.”


About the Founders

Mark and Maggie both grew up just outside Chicago. They met at Northern Illinois University, where Mark studied marketing and Maggie earned her elementary education degree. They are actively involved in their church, The Chapel, in the area of global outreach. Their passion is to bring people to the majority world in the hopes that their hearts are broken and moved to help others.