My eyes, ears, and heart were opened


I went with Inspire 180 on a mission trip to Kenya. I was nervous about going on such a journey to a land unknown, but the pre-trip meetings conducted by Mark and Maggie helped a great deal.

We soaked in their passion for the people of Kenya to know the presence, truth, love, and power of God, and their passion became our own. They guided us in preparing our heads, hearts, and minds to be ministers of the Gospel. By the time we met at the airport to embark upon our travel, we had been transformed from a group of strangers into a cohesive, flexible, and eager team ready to serve.

My eyes, ears, and heart were opened to a whole new world in Kenya, one that I had only encountered through pictures or stories.

I had often wondered if it made sense to spend the money to go on short term mission trips. Would simply sending the money to those to whom we were visiting have made more of an impact?

My question was answered immediately as we met real people—people with lives that matter to God. The people we met were some of the most joyful people I have ever met, and yet they were also among the poorest.

“Would simply sending the money to those to whom we were visiting have made more of an impact?”

Just as the Mohrs had warned, my foundational assumptions and beliefs were regularly challenged. Our nightly debrief sessions helped me to process the strong emotions of the day as I began to ask questions about my own worldview and the degree to which it aligned to the heart of God.

Simply put, my trip with Inspire 180 increased my awareness, fueled my compassion, and challenged my selfishness. The experience was transformational!

Rick Egbert, Counselor

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